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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

“Psychological testing offers a formal way to measure one’s traits, feelings, beliefs, and abilities that can lead to potential symptoms. Some tests assess the presence of certain conditions, such as depression, anxiety, anger control, or susceptibility to stress. Other tests measure general well- being and provide an overall picture of a person’s personality. A typical psychological assessment includes an initial interview with your therapist and one or more formal psychological tests. Some of the tests may be “self-report,” which you complete on your own. Other tests may be completed with the examiner.

A comprehensive evaluation will help assist with a diagnosis of: anxiety, depression, ADD and AD/HD, all ASD’s (Aspergers, Autism, and PDD), bipolar disorder, personality disorders, chronic mental illness, and most other mental health issues.

A formal integrated written report of findings is provided along with recommendations based on those findings; presented in a personal, interactive feedback meeting.

To schedule an initial consultation for psychological testing, please call 703-490-0336 x 0.